Friday, October 31, 2008

Tired with Satisfaction

Tiring weeks, full of appointments and datings, my life was just pack and exciting. Eventhough my sleeping time is more than 7 hours per day, I' m so tired everyday. Reach home later than 12am always, even late! I became used to it. Of course I feel very happy to date with my old friends, college mates, colleagues, "pig" & "dog" hometown friends....means that I'm still alive in their circles. My friends asked me not to make myself so tired, but I rather spend my time and energy to meet my friends up. It's not that easy to keep in touch with everyone but at least I would try not to lost contact with anyone of them. As in here, I wish not to lost contact with anyone of you, so I choose to continue my blog here when I'm able to do so. Sometimes, laziness causes me outdated from your news, especially I stopped reading blogs for few months, so dare not to open your sites where as a lot of new blogs will be flashing out. Urh.....scared by my imagination.

My new photos are coming soon...please prepare or you will miss it! haha...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Day, New Job, New Experience...Start To Work Lu

Finally, I have to say goodbye to my long vacation... Starts from tomorrow, it will be a brand new day for me, I'm going to start work tomorrow! My position is so called Assistant Wedding Planner. I started looking for this job few weeks ago, and finally I got it. Hmm, do not know why I am so eager to look for this job before this.

After graduate, I'm still floating even I already decided to enroll myself in event management. I hate to live my life too systematically like sitting in the office whole day. It will kill me and take away all my happiness. (Am I too exaggerate? Ohoho)

Oddly, once I got the confirmation from Ever After Wedding Planner Company, I became undecided. Is it the thing I really looking for? This question appears in my mind. I forgot what pushing me forward to enter this profession. Just a short decision or an act of impulse, it leads me to confusion. Yes, I'm sure that I'm interested to challenge the job like this but I need to sacrifice a lot of things. Time, I have no time to back to Mentakab since I need to work during every weekend. May be I'm just scare of losing, not time but is the connection between my family and friends. I very understand, when you got something, you have to give up something. Hope that what I have to give up is worth enough than what I get. Lets let go all my shilly-shally, I should can get my answer clear in short. As what I tell my friends always, do not regret for what you have chosen, once decided, you can just only go straight and no use to look back again. So, I wish I could work contentedly and find out my path. Anyway, I'm still young, right? Hehehehe...

Right here, I wholeheartedly say that, no matter what's going on, I will always beside you, my dear friend. So, please do not hesitate to call me up if you are willingly or "accidentally" getting married. I am always on call to give you consultation and wedding packages. Lolx..............

Friday, July 4, 2008


It was a long long break. Long time no see, my lovely bloggers. Hmmm….I wish I could have a long vacation like now anytime I want. Yesterday, is not my day. Diarrhoea back again! It came when I was doing interview. Oh my god, it was embarrassing me. Until today, my stomach not yet feeling well. The chocolate that I ate previous night is suspicious, stupid Bitter chocolate I won’t eat you again! Huh…. After interview I walked out from Central Plaza building and I walked to Sg. Wang to buy something there. On my way, suddenly rain dropped heavily and I got my long pants totally wet, about 1 ft. The lucky of the unlucky is that I have brought along my pink umbrella. If not, sure I will become a “wet chicken”. Smart nia ~~

Today, a very normal day but something I never expect happened. I back to Mentakab and I went out with somebody at night. Guess who? Not Wen Bin ok! But is she, one of my primary school’s best friends. Not Wen Yee k! She is Chai Jian. Yesterday, Ah Mong text me and told me Chai Jian asked both of us hang out to have a drink. I was so wondering. We just like lost contact since many years ago. I thought she was just a passer by in my life. Reflect back the memories we belong since we were in childhood, I nearly forgot the great time we had. Too many things happened, happy, unhappy, it was my childhood. Today, I am happy to receive her invitation. And, 3 girls chat until 1.15 a.m. If let me describe, I would say today is “A very normal but little special day.”

Sunday, May 11, 2008

懒人日记 II 之 懒人的守则


1. 浪费力气很辛苦,是懒人的大忌,所以必须抱着能够站着就不走着,能够坐着就不站着,能够躺着就不坐着的原则。

2. 走路很辛苦,尤其当太阳公公出来了,更是让人懒懒散散的,所以能够驾车就不走路,如果连驾车也懒,不如就让人载,如果连让人载也懒,就乖乖呆在家躺在床上吹冷气睡大觉。

3. 吃东西是直接吞,连咀嚼几下也懒了。

4. 回到家臭臭的,不冲凉者,不只懒而且还脏死了。

5. 睡觉睡到死,赖床赖到死,叫死不会醒者, 是懒睡到死。(refer to.fatty kiong only



其实,人懒得是福 ~~

Monday, April 14, 2008

懒人日记1 -- 懒人的幻想世界

考试,我到目前的人生当中都是为了考试而奋斗,为考试而活。 啃了不知多少东西,叫我回想读了什么,我还真的忘光光了,脑袋空空。现在是我最后一个大学考试,没心情读,懒啊!现在才后悔上课为什么不专心点,哎。。。看着一大堆的notes,闲啊



Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Not feeling good... After reading cheng & kiong's blog, felt that they are brave and good in expressing their feelings & emotions. I think i just hardly do that. Not I feel shy but is that i do not wish to expose my weaknesses in front of so many eyes. There is something i need to keep in my heart and not to share with anyone even i hope i can share with u guys. Everyone have their own secret. Sometimes, what u witness is actually part of the truth. Nevertheless, is it good for you to witness the complete and real truth? Hmm...mayb i need some time to get myself away from the negative emotions.

Forgiveness, needs tolerance and a large-minded. Not everyone can have such broad-minded. I even think that forgive is a degree of knowledge. Looking back from what I had been through, i learned the meaning of forgiveness. “ 原谅并不是形式上的不责怪不怨恨,而是需要更多的豁达与包容。” Try to view from another perspective, there'll be smth different. There is no saint in the world but there have a people with great minded and magnanimous who can just let go the unfairness and sadness.

This few days, i didn't go for classes, just 2 classes only, not so much so please stop imagine. Moody. Something wrong with me. I need chocolate to let myself feel happier. My brain keep repeating the same "issue" in my mind. Time, what i need is time. I need time to purify my mind. Hope that it is a brand new day when i awake tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Movie from all of us for Liew ~ Bye

Hi everyone, I know most of u havent watch the movie i produced for liew, so i show it here. Plz forgive the imperfectness of the movie cz tis is the 3rd edition which i did it in hurry..and tis is my 1st time..actually the 1st edition is the perfect version but the comments inside are incomplete. anyway, thx for the cooperation from all of u.

Liew, nothing much i can do for u... jus hope that tis movie can cheer u up when u r down, when u need someone beside u, when u feel like miss us so much and.......

although it is imperfect, but i know u'll appreciate it so much, haha....nx time i ll improve if i have chance to make another movie for anyone of u...

lastly, wish u have a blessed life in Aberdeen! i'll not forget that "night" v chat...take care!